An Era of Change

We are in an era of change – a change that is pushing people to think and evaluate their actions, a change that is asking people to measure the outcome of their actions, and a change that is forcing us to think as a society and not as an individual. Growth of an individual in a society helps that individual grow but growth at the levels of society i.e. a collective effort always creates a better environment for all. But mismanagement of resources at individual level will affect every person in the society because we are born and taught to live in co-existence to create balance in the society. Over the years we gradually started believing in living in isolation. When we close our consciousness to our surroundings, we lose control of the balance which creates a disharmony in the society.

Humans have hampered their understanding about the difference between life and lifestyle. Lifestyle is what we choose over the years based on our personality as well as recognition. It’s a space that we create for our mental satisfaction and social upliftment. On the other hand, life is what has been gifted to us. Life is about working in unity, creating better societies, in which there is enough for everyone, believing in our surroundings, accepting ourselves as we are, and reserving this gift.

Sustainability as a concept has to be extensively pursued such that the ecosystem is able to survive and prosper. In a business perspective, sustainability should not be looked at as a complete package but should be analyzed from the root level. A business can only help in the sustainable growth of the society if it is able to grow sustainably itself.

If we want to sustain in the nature and create a blessed life for our future generations, we have to understand this difference. The ability to sustain will start at an individual level and will survive at a societal level.

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